Great photoset from my friend photographer Alex Strohl! 


Meet ‘Crazy Joe’, a 70 years old car racer from Colorado.

We met Joe while road tripping across Colorado. I remember we made a U-turn after seeing his race car parked in his dusty yard. We walked to the door of his trailer and I remember pretty well our short conversation:

ME — Hi, I’m Alex and we are a group of photographers doing a trip (…) do you mind if we take pictures of you and your car ? 

JOE — I don’t give a shieet! 

O.K, now you are in context.

Joe was born and raised in Ohio an moved to Colorado to race cars in the early 60’s. He now lives in Delta, CO and fixes old cars for a living. Depiste his age, ‘Crazy Joe’ is still kickin the race tracks every week-end. This car you saw was totally wrecked two times but still starts easy.